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Organizational Transformation

We combine agile thinking and agile culture with agile methods and tools in order to unlock the full potential of your organization.
Culture Transformation

Agile methods requires an agile culture

The way your teams work will only change if you improve the way you work within the team.

AEM Cube

Discover hidden potentials and foster the strategic diversity in your team

A team consists of different personalities – and that’s a good thing!

Psychological Safety

People determine the success of every organization

Psychological safety is the key for High-Performance Teams, collective intelligence and especially innovation.


Making company culture perceptible

The heartbeat is a whole-day event with all employees of a company or department. Clients, visitors and new applicants are warmly welcome.


Create a culture of constructive criticism and feedback

Team health is vital for success – the Health Check-App is a helpful tool to assess any team’s health and heal where it is necessary.


With agile methods you can navigate safely through hard-to-travel business areas. Our trainings provide the necessary expertise.
KANBAN Training

Use the Flow: more efficiency with Kanban

Our Kanban training gives you the tools to continuously improve your workflow and set the right priorities.

Scrum 4 Teams

Agile methods first

Faster & more efficient: Scrum supports interdisciplinary teams in agile cooperation in complex projects.


You are looking for experienced, competent travel companions to assist you in the transformation process? Our coaches are familiar with your destinations and also know one or two short-cuts.

Be free - Solving Conflicts Sustainably

Unresolved conflicts damage the health of employees and the company in the long term, they demotivate and block further development.

Agile Coaching

The agile challenge

In our increasingly complex and fast-paced world, companies must be able to react quickly and act proactively.


Bridging the gap between development and IT operations

DevOps is trendy because it promises shorter development cycles, faster deliveries and more satisfied customers.

Leadership Coaching

Your agile transformation needs agile leadership

Agile working relies on self-organized teams and flat hierarchies. So is leadership no longer so important? On the contrary! Work with us on your agile leadership style!


You are planning your agile journey or a new stage? Our workshops make your teams fit and give you all the information you need to get started.
Objectives and key results

Focus on success

Concentrate on the essentials: OKRs help you create more transparency and increase commitment and productivity.

Lego Serious Play®

Building solutions together

Visualize strategies and projects with Lego Serious Play, develop creative solutions, strengthen your team and unleash innovative power.


Ready for agility: Form the perfect team

Our workshops use scientifically based teambuilding approaches to form groups of people into healthy teams.

Design Thinking

From problem to prototype: structured innovation

Design Thinking uses proven methods of designers for innovative and creative problem solutions.

Agile Thinking

Ready for change?

Agile thinking is the basis of any agile transformation. Learn how an agile mindset can help your company adapt to change.


Directly from the fable+ Lab: A workshop method to foster psychological safety.

What does your current team structure look like? Probably every team member has a different answer to that.

Agile Transformation

"Nothing is more constant than change."

We help you be prepared and receive upcoming changes with open arms.

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