COVID19 Update

Covid19 and Remote Working

Covid19 has made us all make adjustments in our daily routine, especially our work routine. Also at fable+ we completely switched into remote working mode.

We’ve moved to our enchanted island!

In a sudden response to the Covid19, many organizations were recently forced to protect not only their companies, but the lives and health of their employees and their families. Schools and businesses have been closed. Governments have asked all of us to practice social distancing and limit our gatherings.  This has forced us all make adjustments in our daily routine, especially our work routine.

Research on Remote Working pays out

The past several years, fable+ has been researching and adopting remote working practices within our organization. Almost a year ago, we installed a Remote Working Circle to rehabilitate once again our own practices and help others. We understood that remote working was not just a “trend”, remote working is a successful practice. It allowed employees a better work-life balance, employees became more satisfied with their work and employer, increasing employee retention. Many organizations were slowly making the transition and/or considering making the transition in the future.  Suddenly, organizations were no longer given the choice but to adopt remote working practices, literally overnight. Some were being even forced to become completely remote with no guidance or preparation at all.

Even we moved to our very own private island. Just kidding, we implemented software that allows employees to meet in their usual/ not usual spaces, conduct meetings, share notes, collaborate or even share a cup of coffee together. In this time of crisis, we want to be there for you as well. We also created our "Remote Working Best Practices" for all of you. We can not and will not get through this alone.

Our "Best Practices" for Remote Working

  1. Patience. Working remotely will take some time to get used to. In your transition time, remind yourself and your team to be patient.  Allow yourself time to adjust. Allocating 5- 10 minutes of technical time is a best practice.

  2. #Techstack! Invest in the right tools.  There are quite a few tools out there that will help you in your remote journey. Some at no cost. Video chatting and collaboration boards will become your best friends.  If you are a bigger organization, invest in a virtual office. This can help your employees with the adjustment. They can see their fellow employees online and stop by their virtual office for a visit.

  3. Communication is always key. Being remote amplifies this. One rule to help guide you is that if one person is remote, the entire team should communicate remotely. One person per computer screen or conference line is the best practice. It is often intimidating when the remote individuals are outnumbered and must compete for speaking rights.

  4. Focus. Create boundaries between your work and personal life. Covid19 forces us all to practice social distancing. That’s why most of us may be working from home, which can be distracting with children, pets, and chores.  Being aware of this is the first step. Now, more than ever, allow yourself a time to be distracted, but most importantly, a time to be focused. Go into your focus zone or time. Place a “Do not Disturb” sign on your door. We practice 90 minutes focus sprints at fable+. In this time, we don’t force ourselves to respond to emails, pings, or messages. It is time to get things done!

  5. Practice, practice, practice! Very few people master any art or trade on their first try. Continue to be patient and practice. Especially things such as meeting etiquette. No one, as far as our knowledge goes, has walked into a meeting with a bag over their head. A best practice is to, turn on your camera, if possible. A very important part of communication is, in fact, non-verbal.

Whether or not it is your first time working remotely or you are an expert in this field, we hope you find these tips helpful.  We have learned through research and our very own experiences and are happy to share our learnings with you!

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