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Let's make culture your competitive advantage.

We empower organizations to develop high-performing, resilient cultures to succeed in an increasingly unpredictable environment.

We focus on human interaction in a digital world.

Digitization, speed, complex structures, the next generation of employees and demanding customers: Companies must decide how to operate in this new social and business environment. While every transformation leaves its mark and not every employee immediately accepts change, it is also in human nature to strive for a better future.

We overcome these challenges in a detached way, with playful methods and always with a focus on people. We point out possibilities and accompany organizations on their journey towards a new digital culture.
Team fable+ Digitale Transformation

Cultural change requires more than just a concept.

A lasting and meaningful change does not take place at the desk. Cultural transformation is a matter of the heart and requires communication and interaction with many participants.

In this context, companies face special challenges: giving orientation, creating positive role models, promoting inspiration and creating transparency and self-determination.
Heartbeat bei fable+ GmbH

Self-organized teams are the key

We are a self-organized company, with hardly any hierarchical management styles. We work with agile methods like KanBan or Scrum and are organized according to dynamic structures. For us, self-organization means more trust, greater transparency, fewer hurdles and, above all, faster decision-making processes.
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Creation of interaction and experiences

Corporate culture plays a major role in digitization and fundamental change. This culture is shaped above all by management and employees. With our Heartbeat, the MondayMorningMeeting or various contact points for interaction, we create an environment of openness to personal and professional development.
Co-Creation fable+ GmbH

Take responsibility.

For us todays companies should be seen as living organisms that interact in many ways with the environment and numerous stakeholders. It is important to be aware of this responsibility and to ensure the best possible integration at different levels.
Lego Serious play fable+

Integrative development and promotion of ideas

The potential of new ideas can have far-reaching, positive influences on companies. However, many companies find it difficult to generate new ideas and pursue them sustainably. Together with employees, customers or partners we develop concepts and methods to find the individual way in the transformation.

Values are important to us.


We create experiences that convey ease without losing added value. From idea to realization in the twinkling of an eye - that´s our magic.

Be different

We take the courage to reimagine the consulting and coaching business and break with traditional approaches. We believe that the most suitable solutions are often found off the beaten track.


We strive to learn something new together every day and to become better versions of ourselves. We promote an environment with honest feedback and radical openness.


We see differences as something that makes each other stronger. We encounter otherness openly and promote it in a variety of ways.


We all share the vision of our company and we all shape the direction. The holistic knowledge of the journey gives us the freedom to take all necessary steps.


We like to play games: Cards, board games or even on the console. We find pleasure in diving into random things together and laughing endlessly - with and about each other.

Our team

We are more than 60 colleagues. We combine diverse expertise in the areas of agility, new work, design thinking, customer experience and classic consulting. In addition, we have a broad network of experts and partners at our disposal, which we use purposefully to make our clients successful.

Do you also feel the magic tingling in your fingers?

Let´s get in touch. We are looking forward to curious people, companions, dreamers and doers who want to shape the future.

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